Golf’s Short Game…Barney Beard Golf

The Short Game

The short game is the most important part of the game of golf.

What is the short game?

The short game is that part of the game when the golfer is close to the green and cannot use a full swing.

Simple Advice

  1. Putt from off the green when ground conditions allow.
  2. Chip when you can’t putt (a chip is a low running shot).
  3. Pitch when you can’t chip (a pitch is a high lofted shot that doesn’t roll far)

Short Game Swing Advice

  1. Use a narrow stance, feet close together.
  2. Weight more on the left than the right (right hand golfers)
  3. Absolutely no weight shift with a short-game shot.
  4. If you have a long shot….use a long backswing.
  5. Medium length shot…use a medium length backswing
  6. Short shot…use a short backswing.
  7. Very short shot…use a very short backswing.

Control short game distance by controlling length of backswing.

Practice the short game and notice your scores getting lower and lower.

Play Often, Have Fun, Respect the Game

Barney Beard


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