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Harvey Penick’s LITTLE RED BOOK

Harvey Penick is one of my golfing heros.  I want him to be yours too!!! Mr. Penick is one of America’s most beloved golf teachers.  Mr. Penick is known for one thing…having a passion and love for his students and their golfing improvement…and future success.

Mr. Penick’s Little Red Book is a must for golfers of all levels.  For many years Harvey kept notes from his extensive teaching experience in his little red book but wouldn’t let anyone see what he had written…not even his closest friends.  Finally…after much coaxing…he printed it…and the rest is history.

Harvey was reared in the country and learned at an early age that if you have a herd of cows…you must put the hay down where the calves can easily get it…then the cows can get it too!

You’ll love the plain rustic wisdom about golf and golf instruction he recorded through many years and untold hours teaching folks to play better golf…folks just like you and me.

Do yourself a favour…and purchase his Little Red Book…you’ll be glad you did!!!

Have Fun, Play Often, Respect The Game

Barney Beard

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