News !! Barney Beard Golf

Welcome to 2022 – Happy New Year to Everyone !!

I have news…two things.

1. ‘Golf For Beginners‘ is available  in hardcover.

2. I am beginning a publishing business.


  1. Golf for Beginners is now available in both hardcover and paperback. I have five hardback proof copies to sell at half price for $10.00, first come, first served. Both hardcover and paperback are available on Amazon, hardcover for $19.95 and paper-back for $9.99. If you purchase either off my tailgate you’ll save shipping. I wish I could sell them for less.
  2. I am beginning a publishing business for those who have a book they want to publish. I can help you set up your book from scratch and self publish on Amazon. The good news is putting your book on Amazon is FREE to you. Yes, that’s right. Amazon will allow you to sell your book on Amazon at no cost. They make their money when books are ordered from both the cost of the book and shipping. I will charge you to prepare your manuscript and make it available on Amazon. If interested, there is no charge for the initial consultation.

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