How To Begin The Backswing In Golf…Barney Beard Golf

How To Begin The Backswing

  1. The first ten inches of your backswing are critical.
  2. Clubhead, hands, arms and shoulders all begin moving at exactly the same time.
  3. The top of the club and the bottom of the club begin moving at the same moment.
  4. Both arms straight as the arms, hands and club begin the backswing.
  5. Think of the beginning of the backswing as a ‘One Piece Takeaway’ with your shoulders rotating SLIGHTLY, along with your arms, wrists and club, all moving together.
  6. Think of the beginning of the backswing as dragging the clubhead away from the ball with your arms straight. For the first ten inches of the backswing keep the clubhead close to the ground.
  7. Use a ‘Forward Press’ to help your body begin the backswing as a unit.
  8. What is a forward press? A forward press is a tiny, almost imperceptible movement of the golfer’s body forward, a movement to the left for a right-handed golfer. When this almost imperceptible movement towards the target is immediately reversed it helps the muscles of the body work as a unit, to aid the shoulders, arms, hands and wrists to begin the backswing in unison at exactly the same moment.
  9. Experienced golfers find a way to begin their backswing as a unit. No two are exactly alike.
  10. After about ten inches, the wrists begin to cock. The wrist cock doesn’t happen suddenly after the one piece take away. The wrist cock is a fluid motion that begins slowly and unfolds during the backswing.


Dangers!!!!! Things to avoid.

  1. Never, never start the clubhead moving before you move your hands. In other words, never begin your backswing with a cock of the wrists.
  2. The backswing must not begin with a jerk of the hands. Smooth and easy, nice and breezy. If you want to be a good golfer, don’t be a jerk or eat beef jerky during your round. Jerking the club away from the ball is never recommended.
  3. The backswing must not begin by allowing the wrists to lift the clubhead into the air. The clubhead should travel low to the ground as it moves away from the ball.

Play Often, Have Fun, Respect the Game,

Barney Beard


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