The Golf Swing–Kangaroos–Weight Mostly On The Heels–Barney Beard Golf


Weight on your Heels


Stability during the golf swing can only be achieved when the golfer keeps weight on the heels. In the address position, and during the swing, the golfer should feel weight on the heels, not on the forward part of the foot.


You don’t jump, run or move to another place during your swing.


Keep downward pressure on the heels to maintain a ‘stable table’.


During the swing the golfer should maintain knee bend and hip flex. In other words, don’t stand up tall during the golf swing. Weight on the front part of the foot is a sure way to cause problems during the swing.


The front part of the foot is for walking, running, jumping, leaping, dancing, skating, hopping, jogging, hurdling, vaulting, skipping, prancing,  gymnastics, mountain climbing, ballet and spring-board diving, not for golf.


Keep your weight on your heels during the golf swing.

Keep your weight off the front part of your foot.

Weight on the heels will help the golfer to have a stable table.


NOTE: Kangaroos never make good golfers. They never swing the same way twice. They spray the ball all over the golf course, top the ball and never get over the water. They’re always losing golf balls and can’t keep up with the group ahead of them. They’re no fun to play with, all because they can’t keep their feet still.


Remember, don’t move your feet until AFTER you hit the ball. I suggest you don’t move your feet during the golf swing for the first three years.

Play Often, Have Fun, Respect the Game,

Barney Beard


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