Stand Close to the Golf Ball…Barney Beard Golf

Stand Close to the Ball

Stand as close to the ball as possible and still manage to hit it.

If you stand too far from the ball:

  • You’ll be leaning over, reaching for the ball.
  • Your head will be on your chest like a droopy cantaloupe.
  • Your spine will be curved in an ugly arc like a crescent moon.
  • You’ll often top the ball.
  • You’ll tend to spray the ball all over the golf course.
  • You’ll be a sucker for all the latest fads in golf equipment.

Let me explain:

The golf swing should be more Ferris wheel than carousel. The golf swing should be up and down, not around. The golfer takes the club back away from the ball and up into the air and then back down and through the ball and then back up into the air after impact, not around in a circle like a helicopter blade. The golfer must stand close to the ball to be a Ferris wheel.

Folks who come for lessons often stand too far from the golf ball. I don’t know why. Perhaps they’re unsure of their ability to turn their body as they strike the golf ball. Perhaps they feel they have more control when they stand too far away from the ball. Perhaps instead of looking at the golf ball, they want to smell it. Perhaps they have a mysterious fear of contracting a dread disease if they stand too close. Maybe they’re afraid the golf ball will explode.

Try standing close to the ball on the practice range.

  1. Take your eight iron.
  2. Put the ball up on a short tee to make it easy.
  3. Stand closer.
  4. Bend knees
  5. Flex hips
  6. Raise you head, neck and shoulders (straighten your spine)
  7. Pull your hands closer to your belt buckle.
  8. Both arms straight, hanging straight down from your shoulders.

When you stand close:

  1. It will force your trunk and hips to turn.
  2. It will force your watermelon BACK out of the way of your hands coming in front of your belt buckle and through the impact zone.
  3. It will force your head up above the shoulder turn.

Standing closer will help you hit the ball straighter, lower your scores, reduce your taxes, help bald men grow hair, give your complexion a more youthful appearance and make you more intelligent.

Of course, I suppose most people would stand closer if they weren’t afraid of exploding golf balls.

Play Often, Have Fun, Respect the Game

Barney Beard

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