Set-Up At Address…Barney Beard Golf


The golfer should assume a semi-squatting position.

Firm and Stable throughout the swing.

Power and Stability come up from the ground.


  1. Grip – Grip as far down in the fingers as possible, not in the palms, cover the left thumb with the right palm. See two or three knuckles on the backs of your hands as you look down at address. Your grip, how you hold the club, is the number one fundamental. Ben Hogan takes the first 19 pages of his book to help you with the grip.
  2. Feet – Shoulder width and no more, better a little narrow than too wide.
  3. Shoes – The golfer’s shoes remain flat on the ground throughout the backswing, downswing and then through impact. The golfer must have a stable table at impact. The golfer’s stability, power and control come from the ground. The feet should not move, roll, slide or the heels lift until after impact.
  4. Knees – Knees should be flexed. If you’re wearing trousers, the kneecaps would be plainly visible pushing out the front of the trousers. Bend those knees, better too much knee bend than not enough.
  5. Hips – The golfer’s hips should be flexed as much as the knees. Get your watermelon back out of the way. The watermelon, the part of your body where the bottom of the spine ends, should be back so that the golfer’s weight is on the heels. The watermelon and the golfer’s belt buckle must be out of the way of the golf swing and impact.
  6. The golf swing is a Ferris wheel, not a carousel. The golf swing is up and down, not around. Get your watermelon and belt buckle out of the way of your hands as they come down close to your tummy as you hit the ball.
  7. Spine – The golfer’s spine should be moderately straight, tilted towards the ball but straightish. The straighter, the better.
  8. Torso – The golfer’s torso should be tilted towards the golf ball. The spine should not be curved. The golfer’s cantaloupe should be up, not drooping down onto the golfer’s chest. A droopy cantaloupe is so unbecoming.
  9. Cantaloupe and Neck – The golfer’s head and neck should be up above the shoulders. The head and neck should be high enough to make sure they don’t interfere with the shoulder turn. If you want to give terrible advice, tell someone to keep their head down during the golf swing. It’s about the worst advice in golf. The shoulders can’t turn properly if the golfer has a droopy cantaloupe.
  10. Arms – At address the golfer’s arms should hang almost straight down from the shoulder joints. If the hip joints are flexed and the watermelon is back out of the way, the golfer’s torso will be tilted towards the golf ball making room for the arms to hang down and the handle of the club fairly close to the body.
  11. Shoulders, hips and feet parallel to the intended line of flight. You can’t line your shoulders to the left and then hit to the right, can you?
  12. Stand as close to the ball as you can and still hit it. If you want to top the ball all the time, hit the ball into all the water hazards and sand traps, stand farther away. However, if you want to hit all your shots long and straight, stand closer.

Play Often, Have Fun, Respect the Game,

Barney Beard

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