The Short Game…Mid Range Putts…20 feet and Closer…Barney Beard Golf

Tips for mid-range putting-20 feet and less.

Ok, you know how to make the short putts.  We expect to make a lot of the short putts but what should our expectations be for putts a little longer, say from 5 to 20 feet? What should we be thinking if we want to break 100?

Once you’re a little bit farther from the hole and the putts aren’t so easy, your single thought should be to stop the ball within six inches of the hole in case the ball doesn’t drop into the cup. If you’re twenty feet away and you stop the ball six inches from the hole you’ll avoid the dreaded 3-putt. It’s hard to break 100 if you’re 3-putting frequently.


  1. At 7 feet from the hole professional golfers make 50% of their putts.
  2. From 20 feet they make 14%.
  3. From 30 feet the professionals make only 7% of their putts.
  4. You’re not going to do better than that, are you?

If you want to break 100, the most important thing from mid-range distances is to make certain you stop the ball close to the hole to assure yourself a 2 putt. Stopping the ball close to the hole with your putter is your goal. In order to stop the ball within six inches of the hole you’ll have to learn speed control, won’t you? You can’t have the ball running 5 feet past the hole every time you have a longer putt. You must control your speed on longer putts or you’ll have a hard time breaking 100.

Here’s a simple and easy way to practice. Each time you play arrive a few minutes early. Go to the practice green and for five minutes practice mid-range putts. Practice stopping the ball close to the hole.

Here’s the drill:

  1. Take four balls to the practice green.
  2. Lay the balls on the green 5 feet from the hole.
  3. Putt all four balls.
  4. Try to make the putts.
  5. If your ball goes into the hole, great.
  6. If you miss the hole, make certain the ball stops within 6 inches of the hole, maybe six inches past or six inches short or six inches to the left or six inches to the right. Got it?
  7. Learn to control your speed so you stop the ball 6 inches from the hole.
  8. Your goal is to take no more than 2 putts on any green when you play.

Your goal on a longer putt is to leave it so close to the cup that you can walk up and tap it in with one hand. Great!

You can do this with a little practice, can’t you? Of course you can break 100 regularly, of course you can.

Play Often, Have Fun, Respect the Game,

Barney Beard

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