Break 100 Three Times in a Row…Guaranteed…Barney Beard Golf

How to Break 100 Three Times in a Row

Ok, you’ve been playing for a year or two. You’re no longer a beginner. You’re tired of being the doormat of your group. I have good news for you.

I have a plan.

As you know, I like to write. I like to write books. I have a bunch on Amazon and I’m working on more.

I’m working on: How to Break 100 Three Times in a Row.

If you read this blog regularly, I’m going to use you for my guinea pig as I write that book. I’m going to write sections of the book and post them here first and then later put them together into print. I would love to get the book finished by early spring, but who knows.

If you already can break 100 regularly remember this: If you put the hay down where the calves can get it, the cows can get it, too.

Ok, here goes. Let me know what you think.

If you enjoy the game of golf and are willing to put in a little work and take a lesson or two, I can tell you from experience you can break 100 regularly. I’m not patronizing you. I know you can do this.

Here’s the simple plan:

  1. Review my book, Golf for Beginners. It’s available on Amazon. (click here)
  2. I’m not trying to sell you something. Most everything in my book is available free here on my golf blog. You can scroll back through the posts and find all sorts of good articles, but you’ll find the printed book a handy reference.
  3. Play golf two or three times a week. Once a week isn’t enough.
  4. Take Golf Lessons, at least occasionally. Play four or five times, then take a golf lesson. Then play four or five times after your golf lesson. Golf lessons should be sandwiched between periods of play. If you’re not on the right bus, how will you ever get to the right place? Practice the right things and you’ll get righter. Practice the wrong things and you’ll get wronger. Take a golf lesson now and again.
  5. Analyze your scorecard. After each round sit down with a pencil and determine which parts of your game need the most work: Driver, Fairway Woods, Hybrids, Short Irons, Wedges, Short game, Putting. Determine which part of your game needs the most improvement to lower your score. This isn’t rocket science. You can’t work on everything every time you practice. Work on the part of your game that needs the most improvement. Once you determine which part of your game needs work, spend a week or two working on that part of your game before you do something else.
  6. Each time you play, go thirty minutes early: practice putting, chipping, pitching. If the golf course has a driving range you might come a bit earlier and hit a small bucket of balls after your short game work. You can do this!
  7. Practice your short game. Go to the practice green once a week (or more) for thirty minutes. Practice your short game more often than your long game. Improve your putting from off the green, lag putting, chipping and pitching.
  8. Go to the driving range once a week (or more). Practice your short irons, your scoring clubs.

I don’t want to make this sound like you’ll be working on your golf game for five hours a day. A little practice during the week will do wonders for lowering your score. I enjoy practice. I enjoy getting out in the fresh air. I enjoy improving my game. I enjoy the light exercise practicing golf affords.

Yard by yard, it’s too hard.

Inch by inch, it’s a cinch.

You can do this.

I know you can break 100. If you follow this little plan and modify it to suit yourself, your learning curve will go up, up, up and your scores will come down, down, down.

Remember, good practice makes you gooder. Bad practice makes you badder.

Play Often, Have Fun, Respect the Game,

Barney Beard

ps. I have a new book,  a Writer’s Journal. It’s a 366 day journal with lined pages to record your thoughts and a leading quote by and for writers and those who want to write. Click here.

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